Restaurant Storefronts
Regain Market Share Collectively
A Choice Independent Restaurants, Caterers and Chefs Can Make

Economists are saying that up to 85% of independent U.S. restaurants will be closing by the end of the year if the pandemic continues. In times like this, we need to come together as a community to prevent this potential crisis. Business innovation separates winners from everyone else. Solutions can be found if we dig deep enough.

Since 2005, the rise of the gig economy has created a new landscape for both local and global economies. This model is a perfect fit for the restaurant industry and allows small businesses to compete without the need for up-front capital.

Sonoma Rebound, a 501C3 since 2017, has created a platform to enable independent restaurants, caterers, and chefs to immediately participate in this gig economy. Unlike other platforms, restaurants, caterers, and chefs have full control of their account and their business, there is no corporate exploitation, and this platform is free to all participants.

The basic idea is to co-create the gig economy organically where caterers and chefs offer their services and restaurants offer their venue and clientele. With daily or weekly new menu items, restaurants will benefit from the additional businesses as customers always want to try out new dishes. Using the revenue sharing model, both parties generate incomes with minimal risk.

Participate in the gig economy also means anyone can create his/her own job. For example, event planners may work with several caterers, establish new venues, and provide logistics for booking customers, generating income based on the number of bookings. This platform provides a perfect environment for trying out new business or service ideas.

The name of the platform is called The platform provides individual Storefront sites with QRcode for restaurants, caterers, and chefs. Content update is fully automated, so no web site admin is needed. Content such as new menu items, venue schedules, and special offers can be posted from a mobile device or PC. Each Storefront site has its own URL and QRcode, fans can follow their favorite restaurants or chefs and get the latest scoop. The Storefront site may be printed directly as a flyer to hand out to customers. The QRcode image may also be saved and printed on promo cards or business cards so fans can easily access the Storefront site. will continue to innovate new venue ideas and dining experience by working with restaurants, caterers, and chefs. For example, many hotels have a low occupancy rate due to COVID, converting a few of the rooms into private dining areas for birthday or anniversary creates a new type of dining venue. Airbnb may also be considered to provide private dining serving 3 to 4 parties a day. also offers a listing service for vendors, suppliers, and temp workers such as marketing, kitchen helpers, waitpersons, etc. For restaurants and caterers who cannot hire a full staff due to cash flow, using temp workers may ease the problem.

Please be aware that each county and state has its own regulations for businesses under COVID. One should exercise caution and study the requirements for conducting business.

In conclusion, to succeed, each and every one of us must take the leadership role and co-create our local economy. If you are interested in participating, please send us an email to with your website domain name if you have one, or provide some information about your business or service. We will create a Storefront site for you. You may also click the links below to create your account. It is a simple process, just follow the user guide provided below.

Collectively, we not only can regain our market share, but we can also help to create job opportunities for our local community.

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