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Chef Erin Shallat at Erin Shallat Catering

Sausalito CA 94965

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   AnnouncementsDate Posted: 12/19/2020 (Sat)
As a professional chef with over 15 years of experience in catering, private chef work, restaurant consulting, and event production, I help companies, nonprofits, individuals and their families create menus that optimize healthy eating without sacrificing taste. I have a good palate and an eye for aesthetics. I like to serve the freshest foods I can find, maintaining much of their original essences and textures; nothing is excessively sauced, seasoned, or manipulated.

Date Posted: 12/19/2020 (Sat)
Chances are, you face the same question every day: “What’s for dinner?” However, you should be asking, “What’s for dinner that is nutritiously dense, flavorful, easily accessible, and well balanced?” IF you are in charge of planning the menu for your event or corporate retreat, this question becomes even more pressing. This is exactly where having a talented and creative chef who is also an expert in nutrition service can help.

   Special OffersDate Posted: 12/11/2020 (Fri)
Thinking about post-celebration after the lockdown? How about taking a vacation at an Airbnb rental that comes with a private chef for a day? Please contact us, and we will arrange the details.

Date Posted: 12/11/2020 (Fri)
We have a special birthday or anniversary gift idea to impress your loved one, hire a professional chef to prepare an exquisite meal, and make it an unforgettable evening. Please contact us for a special offer.

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