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Chef Julio Cesar Carneiro at Heirloom Chef LLC

Oakland CA 95401

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   AnnouncementsDate Posted: 12/18/2020 (Fri)
About Chef Julio:
Professional Chef with a degree in Culinary Arts from the most well regarded university in Brazil - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He was also an executive chef and kitchen manager for a 300+ table pub/restaurant.

   Special OffersDate Posted: 12/18/2020 (Fri)
We have a special birthday or anniversary gift idea to impress your loved one, hire a professional chef to prepare an exquisite meal, and make it an unforgettable evening. Please contact us for a special offer.

Date Posted: 12/18/2020 (Fri)
Thinking about post-celebration after the lockdown? How about taking a vacation at an Airbnb rental that comes with a private chef for a day? Please contact us, and we will arrange the details.

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