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Chef Eric Barnachea at Catered Too

325 Demeter Street E. Palo Alto CA 94303

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   AnnouncementsDate Posted: 11/09/2020 (Mon)
Catered Too Exclusive and Preferred Venues
We are proud to be the in house caterer and cafe management company providing exceptional and customized food and beverage experiences in the following venues.
Go to to view the list of preferred venues.

Date Posted: 11/10/2020 (Tue)
Visit our cafes at these two locations:
Cloud Bistro
Octane Gastropub

The food and beverage options we serve at Cloud Bistro and Octane is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch to make a reservation!

   Special OffersDate Posted: 11/10/2020 (Tue)
Having a company picnic? Hosting a team-building day? Product launch? Holiday gala? Let Catered Too! take that task off your plate and make you and your team look like event-planning superstars. You will not even have to lift a finger!
Go to and let us know about the event.

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